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Every dog needs basic brushing and grooming to some extent or another.  A lot of that care can be done at home but sometimes it can be an intimidating task!  Questions come up like:

What kind of brush do I use?
How often should I brush or bathe my dog?
What if they don’t like it?
What if they won’t LET me?
I brush them but my groomer says they are matted when I take them in for their haircuts. What do I do?

We hear these questions so often and want to help answer them in our “Basics in Coat Care” class. Coat care is a very important part of dog ownership and can be a great bonding activity that helps keep you in-tune with your dog’s health and needs.  Our hands-on class will teach you proper brushing and bathing methods, tool selection, and handling techniques.  Learn how to safely and effectively provide the best care for your dog while creating trust and a pawsitive experience for all! 

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field.  Bring your dog, bring your questions and we’ll bring everything else!

If you’re struggling with coat care at home, are a new to dog ownership, or have recently adopted a dog, this class is a great resource.

Class Cost
$15 pre-paid
$20 day-of
*FREE* with proof of adoption within the last 3 months.

 To book your spot, please call (209) 365-9274

Proof of current vaccinations required.

Up Coming Class Dates:

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Basics in Coat Care Class